Published: May 27, 2022

Christopher Corwin Congratulations to Christopher Corwin (MCivEngr’07; PhD’10), recipient of the 2022 CU Boulder Environmental Engineering Alumni Engagement Medal.

Corwin is a longtime supporter of the EVEN program and a former CU Boulder instructor who now leads Corona Environmental Consulting​ in Louisville, CO.

Before attending to CU Boulder he was an engineer and project manager for 10 years. After graduating from CU Boulder he worked as a process engineer for Jacobs Engineering (Denver, CO) for two years. He was then hired by the EVEN Program and served as a Senior Instructor until 2018.

While an instructor, he mentored student design groups to eight national awards and received eight teaching awards, including the John and Mercedes Peebles Innovation in Education Award. After Dr. Corwin left the department, he was asked to chair EVEN’s Professional Advisory Board.

Dr. Corwin has been a long-term supporter of the EVEN Program. His firm has hired five of our graduates in the last few years, as well as providing internships to undergraduate students. He personally serves as a long-term mentor to students that he taught while he was here, as well as to current students. Many EVEN faculty, when asked by students what it's like to work for a consulting firm, direct the students talk with Dr. Corwin.

As chair of EVEN’s Professional Advisory Board, Dr. Corwin leads a group of environmental engineering professionals who review curriculum and outreach aspects of the EVEN undergraduate and graduate programs.

The group is charged to respond to specific areas of request from the EVEN faculty and offers professional insight into our current courses, proposed courses, as well as helping us identify areas that the professional environmental engineers see as deficiencies in our approach.

The chair’s role is to take the opinions of the group and produce a report for the EVEN director. Dr. Corwin played an important role in EVEN’s hiring of a new faculty member under the 2021 inclusivity faculty search. He also currently serves as an outside committee member on the research of two current MS students.