Published: March 11, 2020
Element Engineering LLC

On the behalf of the City of Monte Vista, Element Engineering LLC is accepting applications for two (2) full-time temporary GIS Field Engineer Interns over the 2020 summer (60 to 90 days expected). The temporary positions will be paid hourly, and the work schedule will be flexible. The work to be performed is located in the City of Monte Vista.

This full-time, temporary position will be to assist the Design Engineer in GIS data collection for a wastewater and drinking water system master plan project for the City of Monte Vista. The GIS Field Engineer Intern positions include the following duties:
• Collecting field data using a Trimble survey-grade GPS unit.
• Complete various GIS assignments or engineering related tasks.
• Research records, including but not limited to, easements, as-builts and plats, as necessary.
• Read and interpolate legal descriptions and exhibits as needed.
• Digitize as-built and field data for preparing maps in Trimble’s online TerraFlex software.
The GIS Field Engineer Intern position candidates must be highly driven, have attention to details, and able to endure extended physical activity. The GIS Field Engineer Interns will be under the general supervision of the Design Engineer, as well as monitored by the City of Monte Vista’s public works staff. The field GIS data to be collected includes all of the City of Monte Vista’s water distribution and sanitary sewer collection system infrastructure. This includes, but is not limited to, the following: Drinking Water Infrastructure: Gate valves, rim elevations, fire hydrants, PRV vaults, air release valves, meter pits and groundwater wells. Sanitary Sewer Infrastructure: Manholes, gravity sewer inverts, sewer line sizes, rim elevations, lift stations and clean outs.


Successful candidates must be working towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Geosciences, GIS, or other closely related field with completion of some GIS coursework. Knowledge or experience with Trimble survey equipment and software such as TerraFlex is desired, but not required. Successful candidates must be familiar with basic Cartographic principles and practices.

• Monday through Friday, hours may vary (30-40 hours per week). Not subject to overtime.
• Work is performed primarily in the field where there may be exposure to dust, noise, traffic, irritants, hazardous air/materials, and adverse weather conditions.
• Work may take place outside in all weather conditions. May be exposed to risks typically associated with working around water, electricity and other man-made and natural hazards.
• Full range of body movements including stooping, twisting, kneeling, bending, leaning, reaching, climbing (heights), stretching and working in awkward positions. May stand for extended periods of time.
• Light to moderate physical effort required for frequent handling of objects up to 50 pounds (manhole covers)
• Must be able to operate vehicles and equipment, read, record and interpret information. Must be able to communicate with staff of Element Engineering, the City of Monte Vista, as well as the public.

To apply, please submit your resume along with a cover letter and transcript of your classes (unofficial is acceptable) to Kristen Beshany. Please include the word INTERN in the subject line. The positions will be filled in the spring to early summer 2020, with work commencing after the school year is out. The work will be completed prior to the commencement of the next academic school year in Fall 2020. Additional questions or clarifications prior to submitting oneself as a candidate for the GIS Field Engineer positions can be addressed to Matthew Hess.