Published: March 14, 2018

On April 25th, the Environmental Center will be hosting the Annual CU Boulder Sustainability Summit in the UMC.  As part of the Summit, they are organizing afternoon breakout sessions around 5 specific topics, one of which is Energy and Water.  I have been asked to be a “captain” for this group and would like for each of you to participate as a stakeholder.

The Session is entitled “Ideas to Action” where we hope to get input from a diverse group of participants on what each would like to see on campus in the coming years.  We will make a brief preso on what is currently going on, give some background…  then go into a discussion of what others would like to see in the future and the barriers that may currently exist, then how we can overcome those barriers.  Participants at the Summit will have the choice of which group they wish to sit in on.  At the end of the breakout, a brief report out will be given by someone in our group.

I hope to involve staff, students, and faculty to explore the 3 themes of Students, Academics and Social Justice as it relates to Energy and Water Conservation. This particular session is scheduled  from 2:30 to 4:00 and we want to get some cohesive goals and actionable steps to go forward with, and report back to the summit as a whole.

If you are available on April 25th, and would like to join me in the conversation, please reply back and let me know.  If there is someone else within your organization, or someone you know who would be a great person to reach to who could join us, please let me know!

Save the date – April 25th!