Published: June 20, 2017

Call for Abstracts, AGU 2017: H133: Water and Society: Advances in Decision Support for Climate Adaptation in Environmental Systems


Prof. Joseph Kasprzyk (CU Boulder) and Prof. Jon Herman (UC Davis) are seeking submissions to their session at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) 2017 meeting in New Orleans, LA. This is a follow-on session to a similar session from last year's AGU meeting, which got some good submissions. You can find a descriptions of this year's session below.

H133: Water and Society: Advances in Decision Support for Climate Adaptation in Environmental Systems

Session ID#: 26807

Session Description:

Environmental and water resources systems face increasing stresses from extreme events, exacerbated by climate change and characterized by uncertainty on long planning horizons. Moreover, increasing demands for water supply and stricter standards for drinking water quality and environmental protection motivate the need for improved decision support. Challenges for traditional planning methods include: simulations must capture feedbacks between climate, human decisions, and environmental impacts to earn managers’ trust; systems may lack observed data for calibration; and policies must navigate a range of scenarios while balancing tradeoffs among conflicting objectives. We solicit: (1) improved methodology for climate adaptation, including both water supply and quality considerations; (2) advances in decision support in data-scarce contexts, including statistical and machine learning techniques; (3) uncertainty and sensitivity analysis in models of coupled systems; (4) adaptive policy design to cope with irreducible climate uncertainties; and (5) impacts of nonstationary extreme events on energy, agricultural, and ecological systems.

Primary Convener:  Joseph R Kasprzyk, University of Colorado at Boulder, Boulder, CO, United States

Convener:  Jonathan D Herman, University of California Davis, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Davis, CA, United States


  • GC - Global Environmental Change
  • PA - Public Affairs
Index Terms:

1817 Extreme events [HYDROLOGY] 
1834 Human impacts [HYDROLOGY] 
1884 Water supply [HYDROLOGY] 
1918 Decision analysis [INFORMATICS]

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