Published: Oct. 14, 2016

Prof. GooseffProf. Gooseff New Courses for Spring 2017

Prof. Gooseff will teach two new coursese in Spring 2017:  Open Channel Hydraulics, CVEN 5833-001 and Surface Water Quality Modeling, CVEN 5833-002 . 

CVEN 5833-001 Open Channel Hydraulics

CVEN 5833 002 Surface Water Quality Modeling


Prof. Gooseff New publications: Season of intense melting in Antarctica offers insights into continent's future

Scientists and students working with the National Science Foundation, including EVEN Associate Professor Michael Gooseff , have authored a series of papers on how a single season of intense melting in Antarctica in 2001-02 may affect the continent's ecological future, including its potential impact on global climate change.

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