Published: June 21, 2016

MOBE Conference 2016June 1-3 2016, EVEN Professor Mark Hernandez and Alina Handorean hosted the 5th SLOAN Microbiology of the Built Environment (MOBE) Conference. The conference is a gathering of the leading researchers in the world that study the microbiome of the built environment.

"A diverse group of scientists from around the world have been meeting for the past five years to present their findings and collaborate on how the microbiome of the indoor environment can be defined, investigated, maintained and when necessary remediated.

The event was a fascinating glimpse into the work that scientists and researchers are doing to help us better understand the microbiome of our indoor environment. The research being discussed in Boulder this week will shape the future of the indoor environmental quality industry for years to come. There were numerous past guests at the conference and I caught a ride back to the airport with one, Jeff Siegel of the University of Toronto. When I asked him how it went he sounded very happy. He seemed pleased that things had come along as well as they have over the past five years. I got the impression that early on the research was just getting going and there were not a lot of solid results to report. Since then the information and presentations have gotten better and there are more results which people can start to use.

Mark Hernandez, PhD (another past guest) and his colleagues at the University of Colorado did a fantastic job organizing the event. Most of the attendees were researchers but there was a strong contingent of practitioners present as well. The mix was a great idea and should help get the information out there and in use quicker."  More from IAQ Radio blog...

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