The College of Engineering and Applied Science is dedicated to an open, inclusive and supportive environment for all of its students, faculty and staff. Conflicts will be minimized when our interactions are guided by the principles of mutual respect, fair performance expectations and evaluations, and equitable access to resources and opportunities. However, when a dispute or grievance arises, it should be handled according to the following policy, which is based on resolving such matters at the lowest possible administrative level:

  1. The parties involved should seek to understand each other’s viewpoints and to resolve their differences by engaging in respectful and honest dialogue. If necessary, the advisor(s), instructor(s) or supervisor(s) of the parties should be consulted for assistance. The Ombuds Office is also recommended as a resource for informal, impartial and confidential dispute resolution services.
  2. If Step 1 fails to bring satisfactory resolution, one or both parties may request that the head of the unit (Chair or Director, typically) review the matter (by meeting with the parties and/or studying written documentation) within 30 days. If the head is not able to resolve the grievance, it is referred to the unit’s grievance committee (usually an ad hoc committee, with members selected from the unit’s executive committee), which should complete its review within 30 days.
  3. If Step 2 does not resolve the issue to the satisfaction of the parties involved, the unit head refers the matter to the Dean, who may seek the advice of a college committee (usually an ad hoc committee, with members selected from the Administrative Council). A grievance made to the Dean should be in writing, and a written response will be provided within 30 days.

Where a special procedure has been provided by the College, Boulder Campus, or University (such as in faculty salary grievances, staff grievances/misconduct, research misconduct, grade appeals, student misconduct, graduate student grievances, promotion and tenure, and sexual harassment), the grievance will be handled according to that procedure.