The College of Engineering and Applied Science proposes that the current College Rules be amended to include a standing committee called the “Faculty Governance Committee." This page provides information about the council and a means of providing input on the proposal. 

Approved Nov. 1, 2022

Faculty Governance Committee Draft Bylaws

As proposed by Ad Hoc Faculty Governance Organizing Committee (FGOC)

The Faculty Governance Committee (FGC) is the primary representative body for the shared faculty governance structure of the College of Engineering and Applied Science as mandated by Regent Policy 51. The FGC meets regularly as a group and, at specified times, with the dean to consider matters of college policy and to provide counsel and advice to the dean and other administrators. The goal of the faculty governance structure and committee is to create an opportunity for faculty who are not part of the administrative structure of the college to provide input to the dean. Meeting this goal is reflected in the selection of the committee members and the proposed duties or topic areas.

Draft language to be included in College Rules

8. Faculty Governance Committee (FGC)

  • Membership. The committee consists of an elected and representational membership of the regular faculty rostered within the CEAS, and will explicitly include:
    • tenured, tenure-track, instructor-rank, scholars-in-residence, and research faculty rostered in a department; and
    • CEAS faculty rostered in a program who are not affiliated with a CEAS department.
    • Each member will serve a two-year term, and members can be re-elected for a second term (maximum of four years of consecutive service).
  • Duties. This committee shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Dean in making decisions related to issues of administration including, but not limited to, budget and resource policy and distribution, faculty evaluations and grievances, and faculty advancement. In addition, this committee shall appoint an evaluation committee to perform a fair, thorough, and confidential evaluation of the Dean.

Description of composition for the draft bylaws

The Faculty Governance Committee (FGC) will consist of 13 voting members, as enumerated below. The committee will be supported administratively by the office of the associate dean of faculty advancement and the college human resources team.

  1. One member will be elected from each of the six departments (nominated and elected by voting members of each department, based on their bylaws). These members may be tenured, tenure-track, instructor-rank, scholars-in-residence, or research faculty rostered in the department.
  2. One member will be elected from the Program faculty not affiliated/rostered with a department (e.g., ATLAS, E+/IDE, biomedical engineering, Herbst, and engineering management faculty). These members may be tenured, tenure-track, instructor-rank, scholars-in-residence, or research faculty rostered in the program.
  3. Six at-large members to be elected from any of the categories shown below. 
    1. Instructor-rank and scholar-in-residence faculty (includes those with working titles of teaching assistant professor, teaching associate professor, teaching professor, and scholars-in-residence); 
    2. Untenured members of the tenure-track faculty (includes assistant and untenured associate professors); 
    3. Tenured faculty members, if the six elected members from the departments do not include proportional representation of tenured faculty members.
    4. Research faculty (including research assistant professors, research associate professors, research professors; and senior/professional research associate ranks).
    5. Program faculty not affiliated/rostered with a department (e.g., ATLAS, E+/IDEN, biomedical engineering, Herbst, and engineering management faculty)

The chair of the FGC will provide oversight of the overall membership of the FGC group to ensure that all members of the faculty at CEAS have representation (i.e., tenure-line, teaching and research faculty). In particular, once the six departmental representatives are elected, the FGC chair will request nominations from the faculty for at-large members and hold elections to fill these positions so that all groups listed above are included with as close to proportional representation as feasible.

1 As adopted September 14, 2018 with an effective date of July 1, 2020

Ad Hoc Faculty Governance Organizing Committee

The ad hoc commiittee participated in the development of the draft bylaws. A standing committee will be elected upon passage of the bylaws.

  • Kenneth M. Anderson, Professor and Chair | Computer Science
  • Penina Axelrad, Distinguished Professor | Smead Aerospace Engineering Sciences
  • Taylor Wallis Barton, Associate Professor | Electrical, Computer & Energy Engineering
  • Angela R. Bielefeldt, Professor | Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering and Engineering Plus
  • Robert H. Davis, Tisone Professor and Dean Emeritus of CEAS | Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • Michael P. Hannigan, Professor | Rady Mechanical Engineering
  • Christoffer Heckman, Assistant Professor | Computer Science
  • Daria Kotys-Schwartz, Teaching Professor, Design Center Colorado Co-Director and Idea Forge Director | Mechanical Engineering
  • Wendy Lynn Martin, Teaching Assistant Professor | Lockheed Martin Engineering Management Program
  • Jay Warren McMahon, Associate Professor | Aerospace Engineering
  • Shelly Miller, Professor | Mechanical Engineering
  • Fernando L. Rosario-Ortiz, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs for CEAS and Professor | Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering
  • Daniel K. Schwartz, Glenn L. Murphy Professor of Engineering | Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • Diane Sieber, Program Director and Associate Professor | Herbst Program for Engineering, Ethics & Society
  • Joann Silverstein, Professor and Professional Engineer (PE) | Environmental Engineering
  • R Scott Summers, Professor Emeritus | Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering
  • Malinda Schaefer Zarske, Associate Director and Teaching Associate Professor | Engineering Plus