The Engineering Wayfinders are knowledgeable, trained, and friendly engineering undergraduate students who connect peers to the support they need. Engineering Wayfinders are students assisting students with everything from deciding what major is right for them, getting involved with research, discovering student societies and organizations, tips on talking with faculty, and much more! 

Peer-to-Peer programs are shown to promote persistence, provide opportunities that encourage academic success, and foster a sense of belonging.  Engineering Wayfinders are here to help students thrive in the College of Engineering & Applied Science at CU Boulder.  

The Engineering Wayfinder Program strives to:

  • Encourage successful academic and personal development
  • Promote student involvement
  • Enrich the connections among engineering students, the college and the CU Boulder campus

Below are some of the types of conversations students may have with an Engineering Wayfinder:

  • Discussing differences in similar courses
  • Navigating the mechanics of the course registration system
  • Recommendations for math help
  • Exploring minors and certificates
  • Learning about academic resources
  • How to create or join a study group
  • How to approach a professor about research opportunities in their lab
  • Preparing for a meeting with an academic advisor

How can I connect with an Engineering Wayfinder?

Meet your Engineering Wayfinders