CEAS Engineering Peer Mentor Position

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The Engineering Peer Mentoring Program works to connect new engineering students in the College of Engineering and Applied Science with an upper-level student to facilitate a smooth transition to CU Boulder. As engineering students themselves, our mentors and mentees will have taken similar classes and will have other academic and co-curricular experiences together. Participants in program build relationships by supporting new student's academic growth, facilitating a classroom experiences, and hosting fun events outside of the classroom.

Job Description & Responsibilities

Peer Mentors serve as a positive role model, leader, and a resource for new students in their small group during the first year. CEAS Peer Mentors facilitate the students’ adjustment to CU Boulder and CEAS, while working with the students in and out of the classroom.

Below are descriptions of the available positions:

Summer Semester: Engineering Launch Leader (50-80 volunteer positions available)

  • Are you are already working or busy and can’t commit to an entire semester in the fall or spring? You can still help support new students in their college transition by volunteering to be a Launch Leader!

  • Launch Leaders guide a small group of students through Engineering Launch, our college orientation days that happen before classes start each semester.

  • Mandatory training in mid August

  • Free Engineering SWAG

Fall & Spring Semester: Engineering Peer Mentor

  • Attend and lead a small group of students through Engineering Launch (our college welcome days the week before classes begin).

  • Serve in a peer mentor role for the semester (2-3 hours a week).

    • If applicable in a given semester, it is expected that Peer Mentors serve in a TA-like role in a first year student success seminar.

      • You will be asked to lead some classes and will work collaboratively with the instructor of your section.

  • Plan and organize themed, outside-of-class activities that will acquaint the students in their peers, resources in CEAS, at CU Boulder, and in the Boulder Community.

  • Help students become familiar with university resources; advise and refer students to appropriate resources, as the need arises.

  • Attend all mandatory trainings and events, typically in May and August.

  • Compensation: $18-$22/hour.


Minimum Qualifications:

For consideration, candidates must possess the following qualifications:

  • Logistical & Academic Qualifications:
    • At the start of the position the candidate must have completed one full-time semester within CEAS.
    • Must be a full-time CU Boulder student in employed semester (12 hours for undergraduate students, 6 hours for graduate students), in good academic standing.
  • Intrapersonal Qualifications:
    • Understand and respond sensitively to transition concerns and obstacles faced by new students.
    • Can relate to students from a variety of backgrounds and abilities.
    • Have a genuine desire to work with, mentor, and support other students.
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
    • Comfortable initiating contact with other students and faculty members and planning activities to involve them.
    • The ability and desire to work as a member of a team.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Peer Mentor, coaching, teaching, or tutoring experience
  • Small group leadership experience
  • Comfortable with public speaking, or desire to learn
  • Desire to learn and develop new skills


If you hold another job on campus...

  • Be aware, all of your on-campus positions cannot add up to more than 25 hours per week
  • If you are involved in another peer mentoring program in CEAS, be sure you have the time to commit fully to both programs

How to Apply and Timeline:

Please submit resume and cover letter to Maura Hollister, Assistant Director of First Year Experience at Maura.Hollister@colorado.edu. Consider addressing the questions below in your cover letter. 


Questions to consider for a first-time Peer Mentor?

  1. What interests you in the Peer Mentor Position and what you hope to gain from being an Engineering Peer Mentor.
  2. How do you build trust with those who have a different background or identities than yourself?
  3. What is a common issue for first-year engineering students? As a Peer Mentor, how would you try to address this issue with your students?
  4. Have you had any experiences where you facilitated or co-facilitated, or led, a small group experience? This can be in a club/organization, in a class, as part of a previous job, etc.
  5. If you could share one piece of advice with new students about remote learning, what would that be? 


Questions to consider for returning Peer Mentors:

  1. How have you grown as a peer mentor over the course of the position?
  2. If offered the position again, what would you do differently?
  3. Give an example of a challenge or conflict you faced in COEN 1830 or with your mentees. How did you respond to this and what was the outcome? What could you have done better next time?
  4. If you could share one piece of advice with new students about remote learning, what would that be?


Questions about the position?