Founded in 1987, the Engineering Quad Living and Learning Community (LLC) is made up of students studying a wide range of engineering or applied science disciplines in the College of Engineering and Applied Science or the Pre-Engineering Program. Participation in the LLC is required for students living in the Quad residence halls, and has a $130.00 non-refundable fee. Students living in the Engineering Quad Living and Learning Communiy have unique opportunities and experiences only open to LLC students such as:

The Summer Experience

The Summer Experience is only available for students living in the Engineering Quad LLC and it is an overnight experience which occurs in June and July. First-Year students will have the opportunity to select which session they would like to attend. Students will need to provide their own transportation to campus. All other expenses during the summer experience (food & lodging) will be covered by the College of Engineering & Applied Science. This is an opportunity to meet other engineering students, faculty, peer mentors, get comfortable on campus, and begin to build your Engineering Identity. The Summer Experience will include various interactive sessions at the CU Campus and in Boulder. (Goldshirt students do not attend the Summer Experience as they attend the GoldShirt Summer Bridge).

First-Year Symposium (COEN 1830) Course:

  • COEN 1830 is a class required for all students in the Engineering Quad LLC, and a unique experience only for this group! In this Fall-only class, you will have an upper level Peer Mentor and Mentor Instructor, who will guide you through a very successful first semester! The 1 credit hour class is a small, fun community made up of your fellow engineering students, and will allow you to learn skills for academic success, explore your interests and passions related to your future, and meet friends! You will meet your Peer Mentor and other students in your class at Engineering Launch
  • Class sizes are small with only 20 students maximum and are lead by a instructor mentor, which is top staff and faculty members at CU.  
  • This class is required for participation in the Quad LLC and counts as a free elective in most engineering degree plans.

Other Benefits of Living in the Quad LLC: 

  • Access to a Computer Lab with Engineering Software
    • Your participation in this LLC gives you access to a computer lab which has engineering software and printing. This computer lab is only for students in the LLC.

  • Free tutoring in the Engineering Quad for all students
    • The College of Engineering manages some of the free tutoring offered in the Quad, which is unique to this residence hall only. These tutors are upper level or graduate engineering students who have completed the classes you are taking!

  • Programs & events only for Engineering Quad students!
    • Past events include a hammock making event, late night breakfasts, celebrations for the Quad birthday, and more!


Questions about the Engineering LLC? Please email