Founded in 1987, the Engineering Quad Living and Learning Community (LLC) is made up of students studying a wide range of engineering or applied science disciplines in the College of Engineering and Applied Science. The Engineering Quad LLC provides unique, engineering-specific, programming and support. The goal of the LLC is to help our new Engineering Quad students ask questions, connect with each other, and our learn about campus resources and we will provide that in whatever way we can. Participation in the LLC is required for students living in the Quad residence halls. 

Benefits of Living in the Quad LLC: 

  • Access to a Computer Lab with Engineering Software
    • Your participation in this LLC gives you access to a computer lab which has engineering software and printing. This computer lab is only for students in the LLC.
  • Free tutoring in the Engineering Quad for all students
    • The College of Engineering manages some of the free tutoring offered in the Quad, which is unique to this residence hall only. These tutors are upper level or graduate engineering students who have completed the classes you are taking!

  • Programs & events only for Engineering Quad students!
    • Past events include a hammock making event, late night breakfasts, celebrations for the Quad birthday, and more!


Questions about the Engineering LLC? Please email