Founded in 1987, the Engineering Quad Living and Learning Community (LLC) is made up of students studying a wide range of engineering or applied science disciplines in the College of Engineering and Applied Science. The Engineering Quad LLC provides unique, engineering-specific, programming and support. To ensure the health and saftey of our community, many plans are still in development, but we do plan on a robust offering of programming extending from summer 2021 through the spring of 2022. The goal of the LLC is to help our new Engineering Quad students ask questions, connect with each other, and our learn about campus resources and we will provide that in whatever way we can. Participation in the LLC is required for students living in the Quad residence halls. 

The Summer Experience is only available for students living in the Engineering Quad LLC and it is typically an overnight experience which occurs in late July and early August. Again, to ensure the health and saftey of our community, we have reimagined Summer Experience and offered this programming virtually in 2020 and plan to do so again in 2021! First-Year students will can select which session they would like to attend. This is an opportunity to meet other engineering students, faculty, recent alumni, peer mentors, and advisors, learn about campus resources and where you can go when you have questions, and get help as you begin to design your own, unique, path through what can feel like a big school. (Goldshirt students do not attend the Summer Experience as they attend the GoldShirt Summer Bridge). 

Virtual Summer Experience 2021! 

While the plans for summer 2021 are still being determined here are the highlights from last year's Virtual Summer Experience! 

The events below are just for students in the Engineering Quad LLC and their families:

  • Engineering Design Thinking Challenge: This is a two-day experience for Engineering Quad LLC students to virtually connect with other classmates to work on a design project. We have partnered with the Integrated Teaching & Learning Laboratory to develop an engaging, two-day, experience! You will work collaboratively in large and small groups for 2.5 hours each day on the Tuesday and Wednesday of the week for which you sign up.  
  • Peer Mentor & Peer Academic Coach Ask Me Anything (AMA): Not sure what your first year in college is going to look like? Are you wondering what opportunities are available and what fun things you can get involved in your first semester? Do you want some tips to be the best, rock star, engineer you can your first year? Ask our Peer Mentors and Peer Academic Coaches about their experiences and for their advice! They are here for you and want to do everything they can to support your transition to college.
  • Engineering Alumni AMA: Get even more perspective and advice from recent Engineering alumni. Ask them questions about how they got to where they are now, what majors and minors they pursued, what clubs and extra curriculars helped round out their educational experience. Ask advice for getting involved in research, internships, and doing well in those tough classes.
  • Engineering Faculty AMA: Yet another opportunity to learn more about how you can be the best engineer you possibly can be. Ask professors about how to succeed in tough classes, what suggestions they have for studying and test taking, how undergraduates can be involved in research labs, and any other question you might have!
  • Engineering Buffs Families AMA A time for new students and their parents & families to ask us questions! While we might not have all the answers and the specifics of Fall 2020 quite yet, we are here to help support not only student’s transitions to college but their families’ transition as well!
  • General Advising AMA: Still have questions about what opportunities and experiences are going to be available during Fall 2020 or still confused about enrollment or any of our College Welcome Day processes? Connect with me, Maura Hollister, the First Year Experience Coordinator in Engineering, and I can help answer some of those questions.  


Other Benefits of Living in the Quad LLC: 

  • COEN 1500: CEAS Design Lab: Engineering Your Life. 
    • Students in the Engineering Quad will automatically be enrolled in this first year seminar designed to help you build community and design your own educational journey here at CU Boulder. You will be in a small class with fellow engineering students and together you will explore how the design thinking concepts you're learning in your engineering classes relate to your process of life design. 
  • Access to a Computer Lab with Engineering Software
    • Your participation in this LLC gives you access to a computer lab which has engineering software and printing. This computer lab is only for students in the LLC.

  • Free tutoring in the Engineering Quad for all students
    • The College of Engineering manages some of the free tutoring offered in the Quad, which is unique to this residence hall only. These tutors are upper level or graduate engineering students who have completed the classes you are taking!

  • Programs & events only for Engineering Quad students!
    • Past events include a hammock making event, late night breakfasts, celebrations for the Quad birthday, and more!


Questions about the Engineering LLC? Please email