Events & Emergency Management

Academic, social, and sporting events are a major part of university life. The following tips are designed to provide you with information pertaining to safety and security for either hosting or attending events on CU Boulder’s campus.

Planning for a Safe Event

Many of the details that will help outline your safety planning will come up in the general planning of your event. You must decide on the venue and size of your event, the contents (or what your event is about), the date and time of your event, and whether you will charge admission. You must also consider the general demographics of those attending your event.

Managing Any Risks

After your initial event planning, start to identify all the possible hazards that could occur, and write an assessment. Remember that any materials, structures, machinery, or props will add risk to your event. Each event will have its own special hazards that you should identify so that comprehensive safety precautions can be prepared. Make sure you consider the following when listing the hazards:

  • Elderly people
  • Guests with disabilities
  • Excitement generated by the event and any potential capacity issues at your selected venue
  • The public profile of any speakers who may be presenting (sometimes speakers have their own security concerns or requests, so make sure to ask them when you are booking them for your event)

SAFE Meetings

Many venues require a SAFE meeting to discuss your event prior to approval. Having a complete assessment based on the risk factors you foresee associated with your event prepared at the time of this meeting is very helpful.


CU Boulder has few venues that have licenses to provide service of alcohol. If you are planning an event that includes alcohol service, contact the Campus Alcohol Agent to being your planning.

For more information about security requirements, please read the CUPD Events with Alcohol Document and the CUPD Alcohol Event Staffing Matrix

Security Staffing at Events

CU Boulder hosts thousands of events each year and a vast majority of them do not require security or police staffing. All security costs will be charged to the event host. For security staffing levels or requests, please e-mail

For more information about security requirements, please read the CUPD Non-Alcohol Events Planning Matrix.

After-hours Building Access

Events being held on evenings and weekends must typically be scheduled in buildings that are open to public use. Events may be held in a building after-hours with building proctor approval when all of the participants in the event have pre-existing BuffOne Card access granted for that building.

Event Parking

Please visit the Parking & Transportation Services site for event parking information

Security of Speaker & Audience

The University may require that adequate security measures be taken to provide protection for persons seeking attendance, persons in attendance at an event, and for the University property involved. Where a proposed event presents a particular risk to the health and safety of the applicant, the University community or the public, or a danger to University property or facilities, the Campus Use of University Facilities policy (CUUF) may require insurance, a bond, a security deposit or security costs to be paid by the event sponsor adequate for the protection of those who may attend such an event and the University facilities involved. In determining whether such a requirement shall be imposed, CUUF shall consider (1) the number of anticipated attendees, (2) whether the proposed event involves activity that poses an inherent risk of personal injury or property damage (3) whether the sponsor intends to charge for admission to the event; and (4) any prior incidents of personal injury or property damage during similar events at the University or other institutions. CUUF shall inform applicants of such requirements in writing, including the reasons that the requirement has been imposed. The imposition of such requirements is subject to appeal under the process set forth in Section VI.E.

All persons entitled to use University facilities, either as individuals, or collectively as members of a group or organization, shall agree in advance, as a condition to the use of University facilities, that they shall abide by and adhere to Regents' Laws and University rules and regulations relating to the use of University facilities and student conduct policies. (Students' Rights and Responsibilities Regarding Standards of Conduct). The use of University facilities may be denied without such an agreement.