Emergency Operations Plans

The Campus Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) provides the framework for how campus departments and partner agencies respond to major emergencies on campus.

The EOP establishes overarching campus incident priorities that will be followed during every emergency or disaster affecting campus. The campus incident priorities for response activities and allocation of resources during an incident are:

  1. Life saving and protective actions for all campus affiliates and responders
  2. Protection of University assets
  3. Maintenance and continuity of campus services
  4. Protection of the environment
  5. Restoration of general campus operations

The EOP also contains plan annexes for specific hazards and for special response and recovery functions.

Continuity of Operations Plans

Continuity of operations planning is a systematic planning process that addresses how the campus will maintain critical functions and services despite disruptions that may result from emergencies or disasters. Disruptions that may threaten the continuity of operations include the loss of essential resources, unavailability of staff and faculty, and damage to key infrastructure. Portions of the campus continuity of operations plan may be implemented for smaller, isolated incidents such as a fire in a campus building, a long-term utility outage, or other system interruption. Continuity activities may begin during an ongoing emergency or during the recovery phase of a disaster.