Host Lab Responsibilities

The host lab serves as the liaison between the EBIO department and the seminar speaker. The host lab must remain in contact with the speaker in the months and weeks leading up to the talk. All information for the speaker shall be communicated by way of the host lab and not directly from the colloquium committee. For a checklist of all duties and responsibilities for hosting an invited speaker, please CLICK HERE. For a checklist for hosting a graduate student Exit Talk, please CLICK HERE. Small or new labs may contact colloquium chairs for help recruiting volunteers. 

Modality: In-person colloquia will be permitted for local and on-campus speakers. For the purposes of colloquium, ‘local’ is defined as an individual who permanently or temporarily resides within (reasonable) driving distance of Boulder. This may thus be speakers from other departments, EBIO graduate students, or any speaker who independently plans to be in Boulder (e.g., for a conference, meeting, vacation, etc.). Colloquia will be online/remote for any speaker who is not local. Online/remote colloquia are also an option for any local speaker (i.e., local speakers are not required to speak in person).

Please note that due to the hybrid structure of the seminar series in Fall 2021, host labs are asked to co-host and manage Zoom meetings for the Seminar and Grad Hour. The Colloquium Committee will provide Zoom meeting IDs/links and passwords for the Seminar. The hosting lab is responsible for the Zoom meetings and links for Grad Hour and Small Group meetings. Please ensure these links are available on your speaker’s meeting schedule. The colloquium committee will provide support in the form of a Zoom Hosting Guide (HERE) and optional Zoom tech support meetings. 

If your speaker cancels, please let the EBIO colloquium committee (ebio-colloquium@colorado.EDU) know ASAP. In the event of a cancellation, the hosting lab is NOT allowed to invite a replacement speaker. The colloquium committee already has a ranked back-up list (determined through graduate student votes) from which we will draw the replacement.


Two weeks before talk:

  • Determine a virtual meeting schedule for your speaker. Colloquium has four meeting templates HERE that you may download and alter to suite your speaker’s needs.
  • Fill out the “Speaker Honorarium Form” and submit this form to Colloquium Committee. Please submit this form at least 1 week before the speaker’s “visit” to ensure a timely payment after their talk.
  • Provide the Colloquium committee Website Coordinator ( with the speaker's talk title so that the website may be updated.


One week before Talk:

  • Email the department to announce your speaker’s "visit" and to arrange for meeting times with the speaker on Thursday/Friday. [Template schedules HERE]
  • Ask your speaker to fill out the grad discussion form [HERE]
  • Ensure that your speaker has access to (and is aware of) their meeting schedule with department members
  • Add Zoom Meeting ID / links to schedule document
  • Email Colloquium Committee with the list of hosting lab representatives who will manage the Zoom seminar, small-group meetings, and the Grad Lunch  
  • If needed, meet with colloquium IT support group to review Zoom co-host responsibilities and settings


The day of the talk:

  • Email department to remind them of the talk.
    • Be sure to include
      • The talk title, name of speaker, and hosting lab
      •  Zoom links
  • Ensure that the Zoom link for small-group meetings is working, and provided on your meeting schedule sheet
  • Join the Zoom meeting as co-host 15 minutes before the talk starts (11:15 AM) to troubleshoot any potential issues with speaker presentation. We will also have 1 colloquium representative present. The hosting lab representative(s) should provide a quick introduction for their speaker, and are responsible for managing the Q&A period after the talk. We recommend one or two host lab members field questions from both on-screen hand raises and the comment section. Please see the ZOOM HOSTING GUIDE for tips and details.
  • Assign one graduate student representative to host and lead the Graduate Student Zoom Lunch that directly follows the seminar. The host lab representative will be responsible for leading the lunch conversation, including managing the chat and reading any text-based questions, etc. Please see the ZOOM HOSTING GUIDE for tips and details.
If you have any feedback or suggestions regarding this semester’s zoom policies, please feel free to reach out to ebio-colloquium@colorado.EDU. We will do our best to accommodate as many needs and requests as possible!




Visiting Seminar Speaker

Grad Exit Talk

In-house Lunch


$200 pre-tax and pre-tip

** No alcohol

Speaker Honorarium


** Please complete speaker honorarium form at least one week before the talk




Colloquium Committee Contacts





Committee Co-Chairs

Any general questions

Aislyn Keyes

Brenden Hobart



Tech support for Zoom

Meet with host lab and speaker to support Zoom meetings

Claire Karban

Meghan Hayden


Hosting Lab reminder emails

Emails out reminder emails to hosting labs

Tina Melie

Website Coordinator

Posts seminar updates

Anna Paraskevopoulos

Supplementary Colloquium Emailing list Manager

Adds contacts to and maintains supplementary colloquium invitation list. Sends out weekly colloquium-related departmental emails. 

Anna Paraskevopoulos

Cancellation Manager

Cancellation liason

Brendan Hobart



Budget contact

Keeps track of budget for colloquium

Brendan Hobart



Faculty Advisor

Committee-Faculty Liason

Dr. Valerie Mckenzie