EBIO Seminar Series Schedule 2021 - 2022 

The FALL 2021 EBIO seminar series will be held in-person and/or remote, depending on the week. 

Remote seminars are on Fridays from 11:30am - 12:30pm in a Zoom meeting that will be emailed out to department members each week.

In-person/hybrid seminars are on  Fridays from 3:30pm - 4:30pm in Ramaley N1B23.

Wednesday exit talks that are remote will be from 1:15pm - 2:15pm and in-person/hybrid exit talks will be 3:30pm - 4:30pm.

If you would like to attend a seminar and are not a departmental affiliate, please contact Anna.Paraskevopoulos@colorado.edu​ to be added to the supplementary Colloquium emailing list.

Fall 2021

Date Speaker Modality - Title Host Lab
8/27/2021 NA



9/03/2021 Dr. Jenna Ekwealor Remote - How mosses thrive in the desert: Adaptation, acclimation, and refugia Smith Lab
9/10/2021 Dr. Sam Ramsey

Remote - Pollinator Pandemic: Recent Findings is in the Study of Infectious Bee mites Tropilaelaps mercedesae and Varroa destructor

Flaxman Lab
9/17/2021 Dr. Loralee Larios In-person - A demographic approach to managing grasslands Suding Lab


Dr. Nate Sanders In-person - From m2 quadrats to mountains: studying (mostly) ants to understand the causes and consequences of global change

Resasco Lab

10/01/2021 Dr. Seema Sheth Remote - Does the evolution of thermal tolerance shape patterns of rarity, invasion, and population responses to climate change? Emery Lab
10/08/2021 Dr. Margaret McFall-Ngai Remote - The complex daily rhythms of animal symbioses: Lessons from the squid-vibrio partnership Li Lab
10/15/2021 Dr. Brad Butterfield Remote - Restoring Ecosystem Function to Degraded Drylands: The RestoreNet Experiment Barger Lab


Dr. Simon Levin Remote - Ecosystems and the Biosphere as Complex Adaptive Systems: Scaling, collective phenomena and governance Davies Lab
10/29/2021 Dr. Allison Miller Remote - Trait variation and covariation in long-lived plants: understanding form, function, and phenotypic plasticity to advance food and ecosystem security Kane Lab
11/05/2021 Dr. Rachel Whitaker Remote - Epidemic evolution in microbial populations with CRISPR-Cas immunity Fierer Lab
11/10/2021 Javan Carter Remote - Applying evolutionary genomics to better understand evolutionary history: A phylogenomic study of the Hirundo rustica subspecies complex Safran Lab
11/12/2021 Dr. Elena Bennett Remote - Measuring, modelling, and monitoring ecosystem services in Canada’s working landscapes Dee Lab
11/19/2021 Deidre Jaeger In-person - Trees of the urban matrix & the power of place: accelerometers, budburst, & student engagement Wessman Lab
12/03/2021 Melissa Chen In-person - Microbes and models and toads, oh my! McKenzie Lab


Spring 2022

Date Day Speaker Modality - Time Title Host Lab
01/14/2022 Friday Dr. Rebecca Irwin Remote - 11:30am The role of floral traits in pollination and disease transmission Resasco Lab
01/21/2022 Friday Dr. Justine Smith Remote - 11:30am Anthropogenic Influences on the Role of a Top Predator McCain Lab
01/28/2022 Friday Dr. Marie Josée-Fortin Remote - 11:30am Ecological Networks in Dynamic Landscapes Dee Lab
02/04/2022 Friday Dr. Karen Bailey Remote - 11:30am Climate Change, Social Capital and Sustainable Livelihoods in Conservation Landscapes Resasco Lab
02/11/2022 Friday Dr. Molly Schumer Remote - 11:30am The evolution and development of a lethal hybrid incompatibility Taylor Lab
02/18/2022 Friday Dr. Paul Ode Hybrid - 3:30pm Coexistence or displacement?: Competition between two co-occurring parasitoid wasps Bowers Lab
02/23/2022 Wednesday Bridget Chalifour Remote - 1:15pm Mollusks, Microbes, and Museums: Characterizing a Land Snail’s Microbiome Across Life Stage, Time, and Space Li Lab
02/25/2022 Friday Dr. Shane Campbell-Staton Remote - 11:30am Our Human Footprint: Evolution and adaptation of wildlife to human-mediated change Johnson Lab
03/04/2022 Friday Kathryn Grabenstein Hybrid - 3:30pm Human-mediated hybridization in common backyard birds Taylor Lab
03/09/2022 Wednesday Erik Funk Hybrid - 3:30pm The Genetic Basis of Population Divergence and Speciation in Alpine and Arctic Finches Taylor Lab
03/11/2022 Friday Tim Korpita Hybrid - 3:30pm The Boreal Toad Microbiome and Conservation Interventions McKenzie Lab
03/16/2022 Wednesday Laurel Brigham Hybrid - 3:30pm How do habitat-forming species inform species' responses to global change in the alpine? Suding Lab
03/18/2022 Friday Chelsea Pretz Hybrid - 3:30pm The Breakdown of Self-Incompatibility in Sharpleaf-Groundcherry (Physalis acutifolia, Solanaceae) Smith Lab
03/25/2022 Friday NA NA BREAK NA
03/30/2022 Wednesday Molly McDermott Remote - 9:00am Parental physiology to colorful plumage: How the environment influences reproductive investment Safran Lab
04/01/2022 Friday Matt Bitters Hybrid - 3:30pm Parasite persistence in a disturbed world Davies Lab
04/06/2022 Wednesday Claire Karban Hybrid - 3:30pm Overcoming barriers to dryland restoration Barger Lab
04/08/2022 Friday Alex Alexiev Hybrid - 3:30pm Mr. Toad’s Wild Microbes: A story of microbial discovery and amphibian conservation McKenzie Lab
04/15/2022 Friday Katherine Hernandez Remote - 11:30am You are what you eat: Consequences of being a generalist insect herbivore Bowers Lab
04/20/2022 Wednesday Zachary Root Hybrid - 3:30pm Breaking the Binary of Cell Types: Skeletal Diversification and the Evolution of Vertebrate Morphology Medeiros Lab
04/22/2022 Friday Dr. Chris Funk Hybrid - 3:30pm Adaptive divergence and climate change: Why an evolutionary perspective matters for predicting sensitivity to increasing temperatures Martin Lab
04/29/2022 Friday NA NA READING DAY NA