EBIO Seminar Series Schedule 2020 - 2021 

The SPRING 2021 EBIO seminar series will be entirely remote.

Seminars are on Fridays from 11:30am - 12:30pm in a recurring Zoom meeting that will be emailed out to department members each week.

If you would like to attend a seminar and are not a departmental affiliate, please contact Anna.Paraskevopoulos@colorado.edu​ to be added to the supplementary Colloquium emailing list.

Spring 2020

Date Speaker Title Host Lab
1/15/2021 Dr. Allison Barner

"Combining experimental and computational approaches to species interactions" 

Dee Lab

1/22/2021 Dr. Olyssa Starry "The urban ecology of eco-roofs in Portland: hydrology, biodiversity, and human health"

Wessman Lab

1/29/2021 Dr. Thomas Sharpton "Do anthropogenic impacts on the gut metagenome underlie the rise of chronic disease?" McKenzie Lab
2/5/2021 Dr. Zoe Donaldson "The biology of pair bonding: insights from evolution, genetics, and neuroscience" Taylor Lab


Dr. Cara Haney "Unearthing mechanisms in plant-microbiome interactions"

McKenzie Lab

2/19/2021 Dr. Julie Lee-Yaw "Testing ecological and evolutionary explanations for distributional limits" Doak Lab
2/26/2021 Dr. Carl Rothfels "Polyploid phylogenetics: Next-generation opportunities and challenges" Smith Lab
3/5/2021 April Goebl "The role of genetic diversity in persistence of small populations in variable environments" Doak Lab


Dr. Bryan Dewsbury   Taylor Lab
3/19/2021 Julie Larson Exit Talk Suding Lab
3/26/2021 Spring Break Spring Break Spring Break
4/2/2021 Kelly Carscadden Exit Talk Emery Lab
4/9/2021 Chiara Forrester Exit Talk Bowman Lab
4/16/2021 Dr. David Hibbett   Quandt Lab
4/21/2021 Travis McDevitt-Galles Exit Talk Johnson Lab
4/23/2021 Wynne Moss Exit talk Johnson Lab


Fall 2020

Date Speaker Title Host Lab
9/11/2020 Kim Vincent Exit Talk: "Impacts of terrestrial-aquatic connections to bacterial communities of mountain lakes" Schmidt Lab
9/18/2020 Dr. Beth Schussler "Emotion in Action: Student Anxiety, Instructors, and Introductory Biology" Corwin Lab
9/25/2020 Dr. Erika Zavaleta "Climate disruption, animal migrations and inclusive education in ecology" Suding Lab
10/2/2020 NA NA NA
10/9/2020 Hannah Holland-Moritz Exit Talk: "Microbes, Metagenomes, and Moss: Microbial community assembly in experimental and natural systems" Fierer Lab
10/16/2020 Dr. Emilio Bruna "Global disparities in the creation and diffusion of scientific research (and what we can do about them)" CU Café / Resasco Lab
10/23/2020 Dr. Jacob Goheen "Trophic cascades and plant defense in human-occupied savannas" Doak lab
10/30/2020 NA NA NA
11/6/2020 Dr. Kelly McDonald "Impacts of a Series of Conceptually-linked Course-based Undergraduate Research Experiences on Students Progressing through a Biology Degree Program" Corwin Lab
11/13/2020 Sheela Turbek "Combining field-based behavioral experiments with genomics to understand rapid avian speciation" Taylor Lab
11/20/2020 Dr. Erin Mordecai "Global change and the ecology of vector-borne disease" Johnson Lab
11/27/2020 NA - FALL BREAK NA NA
12/4/2020 Chris Smith Exit Talk Flaxman and Kane Labs