EBIO Seminar Series Schedule 2022 - 2023 

Seminars are on  Fridays from 3:30pm - 4:30pm in Ramaley N1B23.

All talks will also be shown on Zoom. The link will be emailed out to department members each week.

Wednesday exit talks that are 3:30pm - 4:30pm in RAMY N1B23.

If you would like to attend a seminar and are not a departmental affiliate, please contact Anna.Paraskevopoulos@colorado.edu​ to be added to the supplementary Colloquium emailing list.

Fall 2022

Date Day Speaker Title Host Lab
08/26/2022 Friday NA



09/02/2022 Friday Terri Schulz Applying Science to Advance Conservation: The Nature Conservancy in Colorado Davies Lab
09/09/2022 Friday Adrian Carper Insect Ecology in the Anthropocene: from Parasitoids to Pollinators Bowers Lab
09/16/2022 Friday Katherine Siegel The fate of working landscapes: causal analysis in social-ecological systems Dee Lab
09/23/2022 Friday NA GREEBS NA
09/28/2022 Wednesday Courtney Van Den Elzen Optimizing risk and reward in variable environments Emery Lab
09/30/2022 Friday Drew Shield Venom, sex, and speciation: establishing links between the genome and species evolution using population-level perspectives Safran Lab
10/07/2022 Friday Sarah Elmendorf More-better-faster? Tundra plant growth in a changing climate Suding Lab
10/14/2022 Friday Grant Vagle Understanding rarity: patterns with elevation and diversity McCain Lab
10/21/2022 Friday Warren Sconiers Coming Full-Circle: My journey from research to education to research and education Emery Lab
10/28/2022 Friday Joanie Kleypas Global to local perspectives on efforts to save coral reefs Gil Lab
11/04/2022 Friday Meagan Ford Oldfather Plant range dynamics in heterogenous landscapes  Doak Lab
11/11/2022 Friday Thais Vasconcelos Discovering the rules of plant biogeography using a trait-based approach Smith Lab
11/16/2022 Wednesday Sean Streich Integrating Genetics, Landscape, and Conservation Management Martin Lab
11/18/2022 Friday Anna Spiers How megafire, habitat fragmentation and microenvironment structure forests Davies/Melourne Lab
11/25/2022 Friday NA Fall Break NA
12/02/2022 Friday Elsa Youngsteadt   Resasco Lab
12/09/2022 Friday NA Reading Day NA


Spring 2023

Date Day Speaker Title Host Lab
01/20/2023 Friday Elise Gornish   Suding Lab
01/27/2023 Friday Carol Dawson   Barger Lab
02/03/2023 Friday Mandy Slate   Barger Lab
02/10/2023 Friday Chloe Garfinkel   McCain Lab
02/17/2023 Friday Frank Lake   Dee Lab
02/24/2023 Friday Rodolfo Dirzo   Davies Lab
03/03/2023 Friday Ruth Shaw   Emery Lab
03/10/2023 Friday Kristen Ruegg   Taylor Lab
03/15/2023 Wednesday Isabel de Silva   Suding Lab
03/17/2023 Friday Caitlin White   Suding Lab
03/24/2023 Friday Daniel Zarate   Li Lab
03/31/2023 Friday NA Spring Break NA
04/05/2023 Wednesday Sukuan Liu   Smith Lab
04/07/2023 Friday Aislyn Keyes   Dee Lab
04/12/2023 Wednesday Corinne Walsh   Fierer Lab
04/14/2023 Friday Scott Nordstrom   Davies/Melbourne Lab
04/21/2023 Friday Viridiana Avila-Magana   Li Lab
04/28/2023 Friday Megan Zabinski   Bowers Lab
05/05/2023 Friday NA Reading Day NA