Thank you for your offering to take notes for your classmate(s).

After submitting an application (link below), you will receive a confirmation email. In the meantime, please arrange a communication plan with your classmate(s) and determine how the notes will be taken and delivered.

Guidelines and Expectations 

  • Notetakers need to maintain confidentiality regarding the name of the student receiving notes and the nature of the student’s disability (if known).

  • When agreeing to take notes, you agree to arrive at class on time and to take clear, complete notes throughout the period.

  • Photocopied and emailed class notes need to be delivered to the student within 24 hours after the end of each class session.

  • If you expect to miss class, you need to recruit a back-up notetaker in advance.

  • You do not need to provide services beyond taking notes. For instance, tutoring, advising, or counseling students is not recommended or expected.

If you have any questions or need further support, please email as soon as possible.

After successfully providing notes throughout the term, you will receive a CU Book Store gift card as a token of appreciation for your service.

Apply here.