Reasonable accommodations are provided pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. Accommodations provide equal access to learning and minimize the impact of a disability. Individual accommodations are determined for students with disabilities by Disability Services (DS). These are not retroactive. 

These student parameters are only applicable for students who are approved for an accommodation by the Disability Services office that allows them to record class lectures when specific course policy does not otherwise allow recording. These approved accommodations include, but are not limited to note-taking with electronic devices and a digital recorder.

Please contact with any questions or concerns. 

Student parameters

  • Recording lectures as an approved accommodation by Disability Services is intended for the student’s personal study only, and no other purpose. Commercial use is strictly prohibited.
  • Students cannot copy, upload, or otherwise share recorded lectures with anyone, including on the internet, without the prior written consent of the lecturer/speaker.
  • Information contained in the recordings cannot be published or quoted without the lecturer/speaker’s prior written consent and without properly identifying and crediting them.
  • Violating the recording class lecture accommodation policy agreement may result in the withdrawal or modification of the authorization for the student to continue the accommodation for recording material in audio format and/or the university taking student disciplinary action.
  • Students must stop recording class lectures and activities if or when there are personal or private reflections on the part of fellow students, or in any other circumstance in which a speaker or the instructor has requested that the student stop recording, due to sensitive information that is not essential to the pedagogical function of the lecture or activity.
  • Students must promptly destroy recorded material at the end of the semester or after it is no longer needed to participate in their program coursework.