ASL interpreters support students with hearing-related disabilities by listening in class and translating lectures and discussions into American Sign Language. They may also translate the student's signed communication into spoken English when the student is called upon, has a comment or question, or makes a presentation.

ASL interpreting services are scheduled by Disability Services upon request from the student approved for the accommodation. A student with a sign language interpreting accommodation will first submit the ASL and Captioning Request to Disability Services in order to initiate a request. Disability Services will then follow up with the student regarding their request. If a student submits a request directly to an instructor of the course, the instructor should forward the request to with the student’s name and contact information.

The ASL interpreting service provider attending the class (remotely or in-person) may need to work directly with the instructor and Disability Services to gain access to the course materials and become familiar with course content. All assignments and course-related information will be kept confidential. Disability Services covers the cost of ASL interpreting services for students approved for the accommodation.

American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreting Services Faculty FAQ

Communications and Interpreting Services

American sign language (ASL) interpreting services is part of CU Boulder Disability Service's Communications and Interpreting Services. For more information on how these services work as well as the Student Agreement and Cancellation Policy, please click the link below.

Communications and Interpreting Services