The Digital Accessibility Office is committed to spreading awareness and knowledge about digital accessibility on campus. This is why we offer a variety of trainings on digital accessibility to faculty, staff, and students, including consultations, presentations, and workshops. See our list of topics and schedule a training session with us today by completing our training request form below.

    Training Topics

    • Intro to digital accessibility: Overview of the core concepts of digital accessibility and staff & faculty responsibilities under campus policy.
    • Content accessibility: An overview of core skills for making accessible content. Not specific to a particular content editing platform.
    • Document accessibility: How to create accessible documents (Word, PowerPoint, Google Docs, etc.).
    • PDF accessibility: How to create accessible PDFs.
    • Captions & video accessibility: How to create accessible videos and create captions.
    • Virtual presentations or events: Guidance on hosting accessible virtual events or delivering accessible virtual presentations.
    • Any other topic that interests you: For customized training, please contact us for further discussion at DigitalAccessibility@Colorado.EDU.

    Training Modalities

    • Consultations: 1-on-1 or small group meetings where we can review the accessibility of specific content such as a Canvas course or a PDF. Typically 30-60 min.
    • Presentations: Delivery of content about a specific accessibility topic to small or large groups; typically 45-90 minutes.
    • Workshops: Hands-on training for a small group; opportunity for skill-building and an opportunity to apply those skills in practice. Typically 90 min or longer.

    Self-Paced Training

    • Digital Accessibility Fundamentals - a self-paced Canvas course that takes approximately 60-90 minutes to complete. A CU Boulder Identikey is required to access this course.

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