Zoom now has live automated captions available for all CU Boulder Zoom sessions at no cost.

To enable these captions, you will first need to enable caption permissions on your Zoom account. Once that is done, you will be able to turn on captions in any meeting. They will not turn on automatically; the Zoom session host has to enable them in every meeting. (Please note that automated captions are now available in breakout rooms.)

Important note: Automated captions should not be used as a substitute for providing an accommodation to a person with a disability unless the person receiving the accommodation has indicated that it is an acceptable solution. Contact Disability Services for support with student accommodations, and the ADA Coordinator’s office for all other accommodations (member of the public, faculty, staff, alumni, etc.).

Enable Captioning Permissions on Your Account

  1. Open the Zoom settings page in your browser and log in with your Identikey.

  2. Locate the “Closed captioning” setting under the “In Meeting (Advanced)” section, and toggle it on.

    Setting titled “Closed captioning” is toggled on. Subtext reads “Allow host to type closed captions or assign a participant/third party device to add closed captions.”

  3. Select the checkbox titled “Enable live transcription service to show transcript on the side panel in-meeting.” The checkbox is located directly below the Closed captioning setting.
    Checkbox is selected for setting titled “Enable live transcription service to show transcript on the side panel in-meeting”

  4. Save your changes.

Turn on Captions in a Meeting

  1. You must be the Zoom host and have already enabled captioning permissions on your account in order to turn on captions in a meeting.

  2. Select the “Live Transcript” button with the CC icon in the Zoom control bar.
    Live Transcript button is highlighted in the Zoom control bar

  3. Select the “Enable Auto-Transcription” button under the Live Transcript section in the pop-up menu.
    Live Transcript box contains three sections, Assign someone to type, Use a 3rd party CC service, and Live Transcript. Enable Auto Transcription is available under Live Transcript.

  4. Zoom will notify you that live transcription has started.
    Text on screen reads "You have turned on live transcription"

  5. If you’d like to view a full transcript select the Live Transcript button, then select “View Full Transcript”.
    Live Transcript Menu contains “Hide subtitle”, “view full transcript”, and “subtitle settings”. View full transcript is highlighted.
    The transcript will appear in a side panel.
    Image of a Zoom session with a transcript on the right side of the screen in a side panel. The transcript panel has a search field available.