Please read through the creating accessible emails guidance first. All of the advice in that document applies to creating emails in MassMailer.

The default button color does not pass color contrast requirements. You can adjust the background and foreground colors to an accessible combination under the Button Options in the Content editor pane.

background color and text color fields under button options

Refer to the list of accessible CU Boulder color combinations if you are using CU-branded colors. (Note that white and CU gold is not an accessible color combination; instead use black and gold.)

Add alt text in the “Alternate text” field in the Content sidebar pane for the image.

alternate text field under content properties pane

Avoid using the Justify text alignment. For readability, we recommend using a sans-serif font of at least 12px.

Videos embedded in MassMailer do not convey the video title to assistive technology. Please ensure any embedded videos are preceded by a text block that identifies the contents of the video.

an embedded video preceded by a "Here is a video showing how to caption Zoom recordings"

If you are using row structures with multiple columns, avoid using the columns for layout purposes to create a table-like structure. They are not formatted as tables to screen reader users. Screen readers will read linearly through each box before moving to the next box.

The following example would be read to a screen reader as “Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 9a-5p 9a-3p 9a-5p 9a-3p 9a-5p”, which doesn’t make sense in a linearized format.

Two column row layout that has Monday through Friday in the left box arranged vertically in 5 rows. Various times are listed in 5 rows in the righthand box that visually correspond to each day of the week.

It is good to include headings in your email if it is long or has multiple sections. To add a heading, follow the instructions below:

  1. Review this guidance on how to determine heading structure for your email.

  2. Insert a Title block where you'd like to have a heading.
    The Title block is highlighted in the content editor in Mass Mailer

  3. Select the title block in the editor. In the Content Properties pane, select the dropdown menu for the Title attribute, and select the appropriate heading level (H1, H2, H3). (Reminder: H1 should be used for the main email title. H2 should be used for main sections, and H3 should be used for sub-sections within H2 sections.)
    The Title attribute under Content Properties has a dropdown menu showing the options H1, H2, and H3

  4. If you need to add headings at the H4, H5, or H6 level, please consult our MassMailer HTML guidance.

If you would like to include a table, you will need to add an HTML block. Then follow the accessible HTML table guidelines to create a table.