Live automated captions are available for all CU Boulder Zoom accounts at no cost. Live automated captions can be used for meetings, webinars, and breakout rooms. The sections below review how hosts can enable automated captions for Zoom sessions. There is also information available on how Zoom participants can enable automated captions.

Important note: Automated captions should not be used as a substitute for providing an accommodation to a person with a disability unless the person requesting the accommodation has indicated that it is an acceptable solution. Contact Disability Services for support with student accommodations, and the ADA Coordinator’s Office for all other accommodations (members of the public, faculty, staff, alumni, etc.).

Before Your Meeting

Confirm the automated captions setting is enabled for your Zoom account ahead of time. You also may consider toggling on the sections for Full Transcript and Save Captions to allow your attendees more access options based on their individual needs or preferences. 

Note: If the Save Captions function is enabled, all Zoom session attendees can save the captions/transcripts to keep after the meeting has ended. If your meeting may contain any confidential information, please turn the Save Captions function off.

Screenshot of In Meeting (Advanced) Zoom settings. The account settings for automated captions, full transcript, and save captions are all enabled.

While in Your Meeting

Once you have enabled the automated captions on your Zoom account, we recommend checking that automated captions are enabled at the start of every meeting you host. 

Note: Meeting attendees can adjust their settings to always turn on captioning (as long as it is enabled on the host's account). If an attendee has this setting, then the automated captions will automatically be enabled once the attendee joins the meeting. 

Select the Show Captions button in your Zoom control bar.

Show captions button is highlighted in the Zoom control bar

A pop-up window will appear that asks you to select the language being used in the meeting. Select the appropriate language from the drop-down box and save your selection.

Menu to select and save the language being used in the Zoom meeting.

Note: You can always change the language throughout the meeting, however only one language can be set at any given time. If you know your meeting will include multiple spoken languages, please contact the ADA Coordinator’s Office for accommodation requests made by employees or members of the public. For student accommodation requests, please contact Disability Services.

Zoom will then notify you and all attendees that closed captioning has been enabled.

Zoom notification telling the host and attendees that closed captioning has been enabled.