The DAO Accessibility Buff Award honors CU Boulder students, staff, and faculty who have demonstrated noteworthy accessibility practices and fostered an inclusive digital environment for individuals with disabilities.

To nominate someone (including yourself), a group of people, or department, please complete the Accessibility Buff nomination form below.

The recipient of the award will be featured on the DAO website, the Accessibility Minute newsletter, and the DAO LinkedIn page.

Accessibility Buff Nomination Form

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Nominee Information
If you are nominating more than one person, include all names separated by commas.
If you wish to nominate more than one person, include all emails separated by commas. If you wish to nominate a department, please include the department's e-mail address or main point of contact and we will contact you for further information.
Describe how your nominee has made CU Boulder more accessible for you and/or other individuals with disabilities. Descriptions with specific details or examples will allow the review committee to make an informed decision regarding award recipients. Please provide as much information as possible.