For the safety and enjoyment of all our visitors, please note the following rules:

No person shall behave in such a way that disrupts another person’s use of the museum. Moreover, no person shall:

  1. Threaten or jeopardize the safety of anyone;
  2. Bring a weapon into or possess a weapon, except as expressly permitted by CU Boulder Weapons Control Policy 14I;
  3. Bring into, or possess alcoholic beverages without prior approval of the museum, or enter the museum while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol;
  4. Use tobacco or products containing tobacco, including use of any form of electronic smoking device;
  5. Carry, lead, bring an animal into the museum, with the exception of service animals under the control of their owners;
  6. Seek or collect signatures from the general public on a petition or solicit donations of money or anything of value inside the museum;
  7. Leave bags or personal items unattended. Oversize bags (larger than a standard day pack) must not impede movement within galleries or occupy visitor seating. The Museum reserves the right to move, confiscate and inspect any bags left unattended in the museum;
  8. Lie down, doze, or sleep in any museum gallery (this rule shall not apply to young children);
  9. Use the restrooms for bathing, shaving, washing, rinsing or drying hair, or washing, rinsing or drying clothing.

Thank you for your attention and compliance with these rules.