Work in facilitated groups of your peers.

A faculty learning community, or FLC, is a group of faculty engaging in facilitated activities and discussion around teaching and learning – with the goal of producing a product (such as an assessment, teacher guide, or classroom innovation).  We facilitated 6 topical Scholars groups, each meeting biweekly for one semester.  See our poster about Scholars.

The TRESTLE Scholars program has ended; below you can access information on past groups (including projects they worked on, materials created, and facilitator structures).

Our TRESTLE Facilitator Guidelines are here.

Past scholars groups

  • Classroom assessment. (Spring 2019) How can we develop and use illuminating classroom assessments? Facilitated by Erin Furtak (School of Education) and Stephanie Chasteen (CSL).
  • Aligning your curriculum. (Fall 2018 and Spring 2019)  How can we align courses and goals for the major? TRESTLE-ASSETT Special Interest Group (SIG). Facilitated by Stephanie Chasteen (CSL) and Amanda McAndrew (ASSETT).
  • Exploring course-based undergraduate research experiences. (Fall 2017)  How can I design a course in which students begin to see themselves as scientists?    Facilitated by Lisa Corwin (EBIO) and Pamela Harvey (MCDB). 
  • How can I help students take charge of their own learning? (Spring 2017) Developing metacognitive activities to develop students’ study and learning skills. Facilitated by Rebecca Ciancanelli (SASC). 
  • Designing and facilitating group-worthy activities. (Fall 2016) Facilitated by Jenny Knight (MCDB). 
  • Developing learning goals for the major in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences. (Spring 2016) Facilitated by Stephanie Chasteen (CSL).