Providing guidance in STEM course redesign, instructional materials and techniques, assessment, and education research.

TRESTLE is now complete and individual consultations are no longer offered. This project was supported by the Transforming Education, Stimulating Teaching and Learning Excellence (TRESTLE) program.   Learn more about TRESTLE here.

steve teaching classWhat can we help with? 

In order to provide targeted, individual support for faculty engaged in STEM education efforts, we are pleased to offer free, open advising services in the following:
  • Course redesign
  • Use of active learning
  • Creation of learning goals
  • Design of assessments
  • Ways to use Learning Assistants (LAs)
  • How to conduct educational research (e.g., pre-post testing, statistical analysis, etc.)
  • Regular partnership and coaching through a course (including feedback on goals, activities, assessment, and observations and data on instruction)
  • And more!

Who provides the consultations?

Our STEM educational advisors are instructors and faculty who have published in the educational literature related to the areas in which they are consulting or, in some cases, received formal recognition as a leader in teaching and learning excellence. Advisors include Fellows of the Center for STEM Learning, faculty in the School of Education, and others. Click here to see our current directory of STEM educational advisors.

Who is eligible?

Any instructor of record in a STEM department (e.g., senior instructor, faculty, postdoctoral fellow, lecturer, etc.). Those involved in TRESTLE projects are particularly encouraged to make use of the consultants program.  

How do I sign up?

Please email Stephanie Chasteen to schedule your first consultation. For ongoing advising, you will be able to choose among several potential advisors. Up to 3 hours of consulting will be provided for free; a short project plan is required for longer consulting periods.

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