The Center for STEM Learning is run by an Executive Board and Staff and is supported by an enormous community of Fellows and educators. Also at the core of the Center for STEM Learning are the Chancellor's Faculty/Staff and Graduate awardees.


Internal Executive Board:

Chancellor DiStefano, Provost Moore, Vice Chancellor Draper, Dean Braun, Dean White, Dean Schultz, Dean Schmiesing




Anne-Barrie Hunter, William Tarantino, Robbie Martinez




Noah Finkelstein, Brian Argrow, Anne Margaret Dougherty, Alexander Repenning, Daria Kotys-Schwartz, David Webb, Steven Pollock, Laurie Langdon, William Penuel, Elisabeth Stade, Clayton Lewis, Eric Stade, Andrew Martin, Bradley McLain, David Budd, Deborah Wuttke, Derek Reamon, Jean Hertzberg

Valerie Otero, Anne-Barrie Hunter, Melissa Dancy, Paul Chinowsky, Stephanie Chasteen, Diane Sieber, Katherine Perkins, Robert Tubss, Robert Parson, Seth Hornstein, William Tarantino, Jennifer Knight, Mark Gross, Michael Klymkowsky, Stan Deetz, Robbie Martinez, Michael Dubson, Doug Duncan



Current Chancellor's Faculty Awardees:

Professors Julia Willis, Rebecca Ciancanelli, Andrew Martin, Enrique Lopez and John Falconer



Current Chancellor's Graduate Awardees:

Jane Barker, Brittany Kos, Sarah Grover, and Susan Miller