Welcome to the website of the CS theory group at CU Boulder!  Our faculty and students research all aspects of theoretical computer science, from core areas such as algorithms, complexity, and cryptography, to connections with other fields such as machine learning, algebraic geometry, economics, dynamical systems, biology, and control theory.  

We are a growing group, and are currently taking on students at both the master and doctoral level, seeking a postdoctoral fellow, and our department is seeking faculty candidates in data science, machine learning, and/or security, to which theorists are encouraged to apply!

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Available Positions

Master's and Ph.D. program
Postdoctoral Fellow
Faculty position in the union of {data science, machine learning, security} - theory applicants encouraged!


John Black: cryptography, combinatorial algorithms, graph theory
Rafael Frongillo: theoretical machine learning, algorithmic economics, symbolic dynamics
Joshua Grochow: computational complexity (esp. algebraic and geometric), algebraic algorithms, complex systems and dynamics, complex networks
Alexandra Kolla: spectral graph theory, unique games conjecture, algorithms, complexity, convex programming, quantum computing
Sriram Sankaranarayanan: cyber-physical system analysis, probabilistic program verification, randomized algorithms
Ashutosh Trivedi: cyber-physical system analysis, stochastic systems, logic and automata

Theory-Associated Faculty

Sebastian "Yano" Casalaina-Martin, Mathematics: algebraic geometry (curves, abelian varieties, cubic threefolds, vector bundles, moduli spaces)
Lijun Chen, Computer Science & Telecommunications: optimization, control, game theory, networked systems theory
Aaron Clauset, Computer Science & BioFrontiers Institute: network science, computational social science, computational systems biology
David Grant, Mathematics: number theory (finding rational points on curves and abelian varieties), space-time codes, cryptography
Grzegorz Rozenberg, Computer Science (Adjunct) and Leiden University: DNA computing, theory of concurrent systems, theory of transition systems, theory of traces, graph transformations, formal languages and automata, 2-structures
Graeme Smith, Physics and JILA: quantum information, quantum computing, Shannon theory, error correction, physics of information
Katherine Stange, Mathematics: cryptography, number theory, game theory
Jonathan Wise, Mathematics: algebraic geometry (logarithmic geometry, deformation theory, moduli of curves, Gromov-Witten theory)

Graduate Courses

Core Theory

CSCI 5454: Algorithms [recent offering]
CSCI 5444: Theory of Computation [recent offering]
CSCI 5654: Linear and Integer Programming [recent offering] [coursera]
CSCI 6564: Advanced Algorithms [recent offering]
CSCI 5254: Convex Optimization [recent offering]
CSCI 7000: Cryptography and Cryptanalysis [recent offering (applied)]

Related Courses

CSCI 5314: Algorithms in Molecular Biology [recent offering]
CSCI 5352: Network Analysis and Modeling [recent offering]
CSCI 7000: Algorithmic Economics and Machine Learning [recent offering]
MATH 4440/5440: The Mathematics of Coding and Cryptography [recent offering]
CSCI 7000: Tensors and Computational Complexity [offered Fall '17]
CSCI 5854: Foundations of Cyber-Physical Systems


Andrzej Ehrenfeucht, Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Harold "Hal" Gabow, Professor Emeritus