Welcome to the homepage for the CU Boulder Algorithmic Economics group! We are a collection of folks interested in and researching a broad range of topics in algorithmic economics and game theory, often with connections to machine learning. Our group meets weekly to discuss relevant papers or present research being done by folks here at CU Boulder.

In Spring 2023, we meet Fridays 2:30-3:30 in ECES 116.

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Rafael Frongillo (he/him): theoretical machine learning, information elicitation, dynamical systems
Bo Waggoner: differential privacy, prediction markets, information aggregation, property elicitation


Robin Bowers
Adithya Bhaskara
Robby Green: voting theory, algebraic geometry
Melody Hsu
Dhamma Kimpara: economic networks, algorithmic fairness
Elias Lindgren
Mary Monroe
Rick Nueve
Maneesha Papireddygari
Anish Thilagar: theoretical machine learning, game theory


Gabriel P. Andrade: economic networks, graphical games, dynamical systems
Jessie Finocchiaro: property elicitation, mechanism design, algorithmic fairness
Emma Goodwill
Sam Williams