Purpose: To orient employees to the organization and content of the Departmental Financial Management Guide, commonly referred to as the Guide. This chapter also discusses the procedures used to update the information contained in the Guide.

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General Information About the Guide

The Guide is published by the CU Boulder Campus Controller’s Office (CCO) and is designed to provide employees of the University of Colorado Boulder with convenient access to the policies and practices associated with campus financial operations. The Guide presents policy statements to aid in decision-making and procedural steps for process implementation.

The Guide addresses, in a comprehensive manner, the responsibilities to be carried out by employees who have finance duties as part of their job. To this end, the content of the Guide emphasizes internal controls, accounting operations, and budgeting functions.

The Guide also makes reference to procurement-related processes such as purchasing, procurement card, payables, and travel. To access the most current and comprehensive information about these topics, the Procurement Service Center (PSC).

CCO’s goal is to make the contents and organization of the Guide clear and user-friendly.

Revisions & Updates to the Guide

The policies and procedures contained in the Guide are subject to modification. The most current version may be found online. CCO will include a notice in its monthly newsletter when updates are made to the Guide. It is the responsibility of each user to ensure that they are utilizing the most current guidance.

How to Stay Up-to-date

Departmental staff are encouraged to check the CCO website regularly for updated information about campus fiscal policies, practices and important accounting and budget deadlines.

The CCO website contains links to a list of our campus accountants and their assigned departments. Departments are encouraged to communicate directly with these individuals for financial-related questions or guidance.

CCO publishes a monthly Fiscal News. Any faculty or staff with financial responsibilities can subscribe here