CU-Data m-Fin reports enhanced to aid with LOBD


Effective September 4, 2018, the Campus Controller’s Office and the Office of Contracts and Grants are modifying procedures to align budget detail in the sponsored project award (infoED) and financial management (PeopleSoft) systems with the detail required by the sponsor and University.

While the start date is September 4, sponsored projects come in at varied rates, which means departments and institutes may not see the changes until later in September or early October depending on when awards are received.

The objectives and anticipated benefits for this change include:

  • Align data in PeopleSoft and infoED more closely with the sponsor’s awarded budget
  • Manage awards to the award budget rather than a more detailed budget
  • Reduce administrative burden at all levels
  • Decrease budget revisions after award
  • Eliminate the need for a revised detailed internal budget at receipt of award 

Pilot Program

Since February 2018, a few departments and institutes volunteered for a pilot of the new methodology for entering and tracking budgets. Through their involvement, we’ve been able to process over 100 awards or modifications using the new methodology. They asked critical questions and provided important suggestions to improve the new process. We are very thankful to each of our pilot units for their contributions and continued assistance:

  • Chemical & Biological Engineering
  • IBG
  • Integrative Physiology
  • JILA
  • Psychology & Neuroscience