The academic discipline of NAIS has always been informed by community knowledges and worked in partnership with Native communities. CNAIS seeks to emulate the best models of Native American & Indigenous Studies disciplinary practices, which introduce Indigenous knowledges into academic discourse and indigenize academic methods through their inclusion. In this deeply interdisciplinary area, more than perhaps any other in academia, there is a need for multiple areas of faculty (and student) expertise that can be leveraged to benefit relationships between campuses and tribal entities, facilitating research and educational opportunities as well as outreach. 

As such, CNAIS also partners with groups at CU as well as other CU Campuses. Additionally, we have connections in the state, nation, and internationally. If you are looking for resources in the area of Native American and Indigenous Studies, take a look at the Indigenous Research & Knowledges in North America library guide

If you or your organization would like to connect with CNAIS, let us know!