The Latin American Studies Center (LASC) provides an institutional space for research, teaching and discussion on Latin America and Latinx Studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder. 

LASC brings together cross-disciplinary research and education, through our research clusters, community events, new curriculum and outreach collaborations, strengthening links with Latin America and with communities of Latin American origin in the United States.

This year, our Center would like to share the exciting news of the creation of our new Undergraduate Certificate in Latin American and Latinx Studies, beginning fall of 2019!

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June 2020 Solidarity Statement

Our community is grieving the violent and police-caused deaths of George Floyd, Tony McDade, Breonna Taylor and many other Black U.S.-Americans. First and foremost, we want to express to the Black families and communities torn apart by police brutality and systemic racism that we stand in solidarity with them. Together with the families of the victims we demand JUSTICE. We also demand CHANGE. Police brutality perpetuates the centuries of colonialism that have been imposed in the Americas. Black, brown, Native American and indigenous peoples continue to be subject to systemic racism in the criminal justice system and in settler colonial systems. They also face misogyny, discrimination and violence due to sexual orientation and gender presentation, unequal access to medical treatment, schools, jobs, food, water, and land itself. We stand together against all of these forms of oppression: The Latin American Studies Center is committed to contributing to profound change that promotes justice for Black communities and all those who have been oppressed.