Stephen Graham Jones at CNAIS

CNAIS and English Faculty Stephen Graham Jones

The Certificate Program in Native American and Indigenous Studies (NAIS)

CNAIS offers both a graduate and undergraduate certificate in Native and Indigenous Studies (NAIS). These Certificate programs offer students the opportunity to strengthen their interdisciplinary knowledge and experience in this increasingly important area.The rise of global and scholarly attention to issues of indigeneity signals a larger transformation in conceptions of nation, citizenship, and transnationalism in the context of globalization.  

A founding principle of CNAIS is to value and expand upon the connections and interdisciplinary nature of Native American & Indigenous scholarly work. The issues facing Native American and Indigenous peoples today require expertise from multiple disciplines and draw from scholarship in a number of fields including: anthropology, ethnic studies, environmental studies, geography, history, law, linguistics, literature, political science, religion, and sociology.

CU has recruited an unprecedented number of faculty working in a wide array of areas related to Native American Studies and Indigenous Studies, and already enjoys a high national and international reputation in several of these areas.  In pursuing the NAIS Certificate, students join a vibrant and growing community of CU Graduate & Undergraduate students and more than 40 professors.

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