This list celebrates cumulative giving of $1,000 or more to any CMCI fund, department or center during the recent academic year (July 1, 2022, to June 30, 2023).

Although we strive for accuracy, we are aware that errors can occur. If you spot an error, please let us know.

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Supporting CMCI
Charitable support from alumni, parents and friends played a critical role in CMCI’s first eight years and is important for continued success. Please consider a gift today.


Send checks payable to the University of Colorado Foundation to:

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Dean's Cabinet

$100,000 and up 

  • Anonymous
  • Meridith Baer (Jour’70)
  • Peter (Advert’83) and Wendy DeLuca
  • Google LLC
  • The Hearst Foundation
  • David Kleiman (PhDComm’73)
  • Natalie (Mktg’91) and Todd Pickup
  • Bill and Kathy Scripps
  • Cindy Scripps
  • Scripps Howard Foundation
  • Ruth and Scott Sprain
  • Stewart Family Foundation
  • Heidi Wagner (Jour’86)
  • Walton Family Foundation


$50,000 to $99,999

  • Stan and Kristine Baty
  • Pat Kelly (IntlAf’84)
  • Thom Kuhn (Jour’81) and Dianne O’Connell
  • Stacy (Psych’85) and Jerome McHugh
  • $25,000 to $49,999
  • Anchor Point Foundation
  • Eric (Advert’79) and Kim Belcher
  • Carol and John Berg
  • Crawford Family Foundation
  • Ruth and Ted Edmonds
  • Janet Schmitt Keegan
  • Santa Fe Community Foundation
  • Tana Schultz
  • Thornburg Foundation


$10,000 to $24,999

  • Elizabeth and Barets O. Benjamin Charitable Foundation
  • Peter Lasser (Comm’76) and Cynthia Potter
  • Alan (Comm’74) and Cheri Rubin
  • Brian (Jour’11) and Erin Schroy
  • Patty (Advert’71) and Rayno Seaser
  • TEGNA Foundation
  • Karen Tracy and Bob Craig


$5,000 to $9,999

  • Anonymous
  • Active Interest Media
  • Cactus Inc.
  • Thomas (AeroEngr’89) and Jennifer Cavill
  • Tom (Comm’91) and Allison Garfinkel
  • Estate of Lorna Gray
  • Katherin (Jour’59) and Duane Howell
  • Amy (Comm’92) and Clark Jones (Acct’91)
  • Pat (Comm’88) and Alyson Ryan
  • Debra and Robert Ryker
  • Tom (Jour’98) and René Stilwell

Dean’s Circle

$2,500 to $4,999 

  • The Education Private Foundation
  • John Estabrook (Advert’75)
  • Joel Feldman and Dianne Anderson
  • Tracy (PE’84, PhysTher’88) and Scott King (ElEngr’85)
  • John D. Meyer (Jour’71)
  • George (Jour’37) and Elizabeth Park Robinson Trust


Dean’s Club

$1,000 to $2,499

  • Anonymous
  • Mike Armstrong (Jour’77)
  • Hugo and Irene Aviles
  • Craig Berkley (MJour’98)
  • Chris Bittman (Advert’85) and Kenda Noble (Psych’82)
  • Lori Call (Jour’94)
  • Brian Cameron (Comm’08)
  • Laurie Cantillo (Jour’80)
  • Doug Claussen (MJour’93) 
  • Jen (Jour’94) and Asa (Comm’93) Darrow
  • Mike Davies (Jour’94)
  • Sara Fischer (Jour, Engl’78)
  • Renae Foxhoven (Advert’82) and Degan Hambacher (CivEngr’80; MEngl’83)
  • Rebecca Frank (Jour’71) and George Orbanek (MJour’75) 
  • Jean Garland (Jour, Fren’77) and Bruce Byers
  • Kimberly (Jour’95) and Todd Goldstein (Comm’93)
  • Kelly (Advert’97) and George Graziadei
  • Kathleen (Jour’80) and Douglas Ham
  • Joshua (Jour’05) and Celine Hernandez
  • Pamela Jones (Jour’75) and Steven Herskovitz
  • Rich (MJour’99, PhDMediaSt’07) and Danielle Khleif
  • Moyra Knight (Jour’91) and Michael MacLean
  • Stephanie (Advert’85) and Craig Marchesi
  • Robin (Jour’78) and Dara Miles
  • Jennifer and Martin Mohr
  • Peaks Strategies
  • Monica Power 
  • Eric Rasmussen (Jour’91)
  • Karen (Jour’84, MJour’90) and Charlie Reid (PhDMechEngr’89)
  • Deborah Ross (Jour’79) and John Leach (Jour’74; MA’79)
  • Lynne and Dan Russell
  • Linda Shoemaker (Jour’69) and Steve Brett 
  • Smart Contract Research Forum 
  • Dylan Steele (Jour’06, Anth’06)
  • Janet Takeyama (Jour’66)
  • George (Fin’88) and Kimberly Tarlas
  • Pamela Taylor (Advert’78) and Eames Yates
  • Jonathan Treisman (Comm’92)
  • Barbara and Paul Voakes