Published: Dec. 5, 2018

Photo of Kim on the DIA train.The next time you’re traveling through Denver, longtime Colorado news anchor Kim Christiansen will be among the first to welcome you to the Mile High City.

Odds are good you’ve heard “The Voice” reprimanding stragglers squeezing through the closing doors of Denver International Airport’s gate train:

“You are delaying the departure of this train.”

Riding it is unavoidable for most of the airport’s travelers—61 million of them in 2017. Their volume makes Kim Christiansen (Jour’84) nervous.

Last February, Christiansen, lead anchor for Denver’s 9News broadcast station, won the airport’s contest to become the train’s new female voice, replacing her former 9News colleague Adele Arakawa, who moved to Tucson.

“It’s the most flattering, humbling, exciting thing,” said Christiansen, who is paired with Alan Roach, the former Denver Broncos and Colorado Rockies announcer who has been the train’s male voice since 2007.

Christiansen’s recordings began playing in September.

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