Phil SolomonPhil Solomon, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Cinema Studies & Moving Image Arts at the University of Colorado, Boulder, passed away on April 20, 2019. The department, his lifelong academic home, hosted a film screening and remembrance of his life and work as an artist and educator.

"Phil had immense hope. He was a celebrant of life. Enormously generous in spirit in friendship in his art. His films were deeply personal and people responded to them personally. His films are effulgent, vibrant but they are pitched towards mourning and memorialization. What the late Tom Rapp of Pearls Before Swine once acknowledged as 'Constructive Melancholy." 

- Mark McElhatten, 2019



CU alumnus Joe Miller (BFA, 1994; MFA University of Kansas), an associate professor of English and Film at Columbus State University, shared a loving homage to Phil Solomon in Bright Lights Film Journal online.

Eve Heller remembers Phil Solomon in Millennium Film Journal.