All students who are accepted into the graduate program in Chemistry at Boulder who maintain a good academic standing, are provided with financial support in the form of fellowships, teaching assistantships, or research assistantships. For first-year students, financial support is typically in the form of a teaching assistantship (TA) during the academic year and a research assistantship (RA) during the summer. Outstanding first-year students are supported by fellowships or traineeship assistance. Students beyond their first year are typically supported by research assistantships from faculty research grants. 

Some national fellowship programs are available to qualified graduate students in chemistry. These include those offered by the National Science Foundation and the Danforth Foundation. Application for these should be made early in the senior year of undergraduate school. A number of other types of financial aid are administered by the Graduate School or the Department. The Department has several research fellowships, which are normally awarded to more advanced graduate students. Students who submit a complete application for admission to the graduate program in chemistry are automatically considered for all scholarships and fellowships for which they are eligible. Because a number of these competitive fellowships depend on results of the GRE exams, applicants are urged to provide GRE scores as early as possible. Further information about these opportunities is available from the Graduate Program Manager of the Department of Chemistry.

Awards and Grants

Information on CU Boulder and regional grants and awards for which students may directly apply, as well as information about student employment and loans.

National Fellowship Opportunities

Information on national and international fellowship opportunities and dissertation grants offered through outside organizations and agencies for which students may directly apply.