The University of Colorado UK Foundation Ltd is a charitable organization and the Center for Humanities & the Arts has been entrusted to ensure the assets are being used for charitable purposes. Trip reports are used to demonstrate compliance to our trustees, our auditors, and the Charity Commission in the UK. 

Within one month of your return from occupying the Hazel Barnes Flat, please provide a written summary of the activities and research completed, including a day-by-day itinerary, links to programs and events in which you participated in or presented, list collaborative relationships formed and summarize the impact your visit had on your research. Submit the single pdf to

Read Research Reports Examples from faculty, staff, and graduate students.

Section three of the Occupancy Agreement states:

Supporting Charitable Mission. It is important that the Occupant understand and acknowledge that occupancy of the Residence is provided because of the Occupant’s activities that further the Foundation’s charitable mission. Within 30 days following vacating the Residence, the Occupant will provide to the University a written summary of the activities and research completed and local resources used by the Occupant while in the United Kingdom. Additionally, it is expected that such activities and research will result in the publication of an academic journal article, book, thesis or dissertation; in a lecture, presentation or performance; in participation at an academic conference, meeting or training; or in a collaborative engagement with academic peers. Within a reasonable period following completion of such academic work, the Occupant will also provide the University with documentation of the publication, lecture, presentation, performance, conference, meeting, training or collaborative engagement.