Congratulations to following CU Boulder faculty and students!

Erin Espelie, Cinema Studies & the Moving Image Arts & Critical Media Practices
Kerry Koepping, INSTAAR
Merritt Turetsky, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
INTO A CHANGED ARCTIC - The science of climate change revealed

Tiara Na’puti, Communications
Adrian Shin, Political Science
Michelle Benedum, Political Science
The Social Consequences of Climate Change and Migration among Indigenous Communities

Beth Osnes, Theatre & Dance
Rebecca Safran, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Swallowed Whole: A Bird’s Eye View of Interspecies Friendship and Survivability

Peter Wood, History
Susan Kent, Religious Studies
Big Picture Climate Change Series

Call for Multidisciplinary Proposals

We are living in the age of the Anthropocene, an age where humans have contributed to the global changes in the environment, changes that may be irrevocable unless we try to find solutions to living sustainably and addressing global climate change. The Center for Humanities & the Arts (CHA) believes that the subject of climate change needs artists and humanists as much as it needs scientists (see this article by two UC Irvine faculty members on the necessity of making humanists part of the work on climate change. To that end, this call for proposals encourages faculty across departments to propose public facing projects that involve arts/humanities perspectives in addressing climate change.

We will fund four proposals in the amount of $5000. The projects need to include/focus on (1) climate change (2) arts/humanities (3) an aspect that has a public component—performance, website, symposium, workshop, art installation, film screening, etc…you dream it/conceive it, and we’ll try to fund it.

DEADLINE: Wednesday April 1 by 5:00pm MST

APPLICANTS: Each proposal must be endorsed by at least 2 faculty members (tenure ladder and/or Instructors) coming from 2 different departments anywhere within CU Boulder—each faculty member should include a c.v. as part of the application.

PROPOSAL: No more than 3 pages, double-spaced, 12-point font. As part of the narrative you craft for this proposal be sure to include (a) how this addresses climate change (b) the arts and/or humanities perspective you are incorporating (c) the public facing component of the project—ideally the work will be accessible to the CU Boulder and Boulder county communities (d) a timeline of work [NOTE: We’d like the public components to occur during AY 2020-21, beginning no sooner than September 2020 and ending no later than May 2021].

BUDGET: Please provide as detailed a budget as you can at this early stage; list the expenses you anticipate and how you will spend the $5000 grant. If you intend to use supplementary sources, please include those as well. We recognize that $5000 may not be enough money for very ambitious projects, especially those involving purchasing materials for art installations or performances. However, we hope that this money could serve as useful seed money or to inspire others to give in a matching fund type of way.

Please combine all documents into a single pdf (faculty vitae, proposal, budget) and email to on or before 5:00pm MST, Wednesday, April 1, 2020.

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