Bertha Bermudez-Tapia - Graduate Student
Twin Cities Torn Apart: Borders in Globalization
A visual art project capturing how the twin-cities of Matamoros, Mexico and Brownsville, TX are torn apart due to the temporarily closed border. Families are separated, physical borders seem more prominent, and loved ones are not able to stand with each other, even at a 6-foot distance. This painting will describe what inhabitants of these twin-cities are experiencing and how they are supporting each other.

Sabrina Bradford - Graduate Student
Buckaroo Biology: Science from the Saddle in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (ArcGIS StoryMap)​
StoryMap of research in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (GYE) which highlights non-lethal depredation prevention measures. This project better educates those unable to travel about grizzly bears. Photographs, videos, and mini-essays will make this aspect of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem accessible to those who cannot visit.

Bentley Brown - Graduate Student
Spread of Disease in America vs. Chad **note: you will need to contact Bentley directly for the pw to access the video
A 3 to 5-minute short film contemplating the spread of infectious disease from Brown’s childhood in Chad where his father was a physician, to today’s COVID-19 outbreak. The film will look at the contrast of cultures and places while highlighting the immediacy of response to a virus.

Heather Champeau - Graduate Student
Unhoused During Stay-At-Home: A collision of Covid-19 and Denver Policies​
A story map documenting social distancing, the use of PPE, and behaviors and activities of homeless people during Denver’s stay-at-home orders. Photos and videos will show the effects of policy changes.

Evan Grainger - Undergraduate Student
Arcana Restaurant & The Honor Code
In an effort to have a positive impact on the community, free of charge documentary work will be offered for local projects or nonprofits capturing the outpouring of generosity found throughout the town.

Sally Green - Faculty
Essay on Teaching Exclusively Chinese Students During COVID-19
An essay focused on teaching upper-level writing classes to exclusively Chinese students during spring semester. Highlighted essays will celebrate the students’ bravery, depicting their unique perspectives on sheltering in place while exploring cross-cultural ramifications during Covid-19.

David Landon - Graduate Student
Collaborative Online Software
GitHub Repository Site
A software package allowing for uncompressed video and audio files to be sent between collaborators through the internet. Upon completion of the software, an evening length “performance” will be organized for artists to virtually share their work and audience members to tune in using a web address.

Gregory Robl - Staff
in Collaboration with Julia Seko, Danny Long, and Susan Guinn

Minding your Ps and Qs: Viral Mail Art in an Era of Pandemic
A multimedia collaboration between four people in which each person will add their own content and mail it to the next person for their contribution. The art will include quotes from previous pandemics and excerpts from authors capturing how these events were depicted in historical and literary works.
Manchester Bill of Mortality 1625
London Bill of Mortality 1665

Kate Sedor - Graduate Student
Choose Your Own Adventure Pandemic Game
A Choose Your Own Adventure type game hosted on Twine that will allow players to “live through” the COVID-19 pandemic. The game asks players to make decisions from the start of the pandemic that, depending on the choice they made, will lead them down a specific, narrative path.

Michael Thornton - Faculty
Series of Socially Distant Music Videos
A series of videos combining audio and storytelling elements to create ensemble performances while adhering to social distancing requirements. Videos will involve 4-8 musicians performing together, but not in the same place at the same time. Each performer will record their part individually and when compiled, will create one, unique composition.
Don't Stand So Close to Me
Don't Stop Believing 
Star Spangled Banner
Star Wars