Published: April 22, 2021

Climate change affects each and every one of us, from right here in Colorado to communities around the world. The need for collective action on this global challenge has never been more urgent. And yet, scientific facts and news reports alone are not always enough to persuade others. Humans engage with issues through other emotional and sensory means as well, and mediums such as theatre, comedy, film, and painting can be especially impactful. Climate change communicators can and should seek to engage these other ways of knowing, harnessing the power and interconnectedness of the arts to illuminate the importance of safeguarding our planet's health for future generations.

Join us virtually on Earth Day at 7 p.m. MT for a special evening of climate conversation hosted by Denver7 Chief Meteorologist Mike Nelson, featuring a diverse lineup of filmmakers, artists, performers, and more. This free public event is presented by the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, Denver7, and the CU Boulder Center for Humanities and the Arts in collaboration with the Institute for Science & Policy and Inside the Greenhouse at the University of Colorado Boulder. The event will also be livestreamed on Facebook and YouTube.

"The World's Littlest Book on Climate" by Mike Nelson, Pieter Tans, and Michael Banks is available for purchase at the DMNS online store.