Students complete three eight week laboratory rotations and one eight week collaborative team research project before selecting a degree-granting program to pursue.

All IQ Biology students participate in three, 8‐week research rotations during their first year. Students must choose three different labs in at least two different departments/disciplines to gain laboratory, experimental, and computational skills. These rotations should be an interesting opportunity to learn new techniques and introduce you to ideas outside of your primary discipline. Students conducting rotations take three credits of CHEM 6901‐898 each semester.

Students can rotate with any of the participating IQ Biology faculty. It is also possible to rotate in the labs of faculty from our participating departments by arrangement.

Following these rotations, students will partake in an 8-week collaborative team research project. This project will provide a strong application in complex systems and pull on the quantitative biology skills and knowledge from students' first-year experiences, exposing them to the team science aspect of interdisciplinarity.

Nodal Map Showing connectedness of students and departments