Scott Nordstrom
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

I enjoy population and community ecology, particularly in plants. Before graduate school, I worked on projects quantifying the effects of fire on growth rates in a prairie wildflower, studying changes in pollination service over the course of a flowering season, and modeling a migration-selection balance in birds adapting to a contaminated landscape. I am interested in analyzing mechanistic models and improving existing statistical and simulation techniques. I hope my time in the IQ Bio program will include modeling species coexistence, population dynamics and extinction risk, and stability and structure of complex ecological networks. I am sure this list will grow in my time here! So far, IQ Biology has allowed me to meet and work with Computer Science and Applied Math faculty that I probably would not have met if I went straight into an Evolutionary Biology program.

Scott received a BS degree from the College of William and Mary and majored in Biology. He is rostered in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and is advised by Dr. Brett Melbourne. Scott rotated with Dr. Aaron Clauset in the Department of Computer Science, Dr. Brett Melbourne in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and Dr. Orit Peleg in the Department of Computer Science.  

Ison J, Prescott LJ, Nordstrom SW, Waananen A, Wagenius S. 2018 Pollinator-mediated mechanisms for increased reproductive success in early flowering plants. Oikos. (doi:10.1111/oik.04882)