Mark Borden
Associate Professor
Mechanical Engineering


MSE Areas: Biomaterials, biomembranes, emulsions, bubbles, foams, colloids, lipid monolayers, lipid vesicles, polymer vesicles, microbubbles, microparticles, micelles, polymer brushes

My research group investigates the science and engineering of microbubbles and other soft matter colloidal suspensions for use in biomedical imaging and therapy. We employ the composition/processing → structure → property → performance paradigm to generate innovative molecular imaging probes and drug/gene delivery vehicles. We also seek to address relevant knowledge gaps in colloid science, soft matter physics and biomaterials science necessary to derive those interrelationships. A major thrust of our work is to develop the science of injectable theranostic (therapy + diagnostic) materials that can provide both stimulus-response and imaging functions for real-time, in vivo feedback control of therapy.


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