Lisa Natale
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Lisa received a BS in Mathematics from American University and is currently rostered in CU Boulder’s Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.  IQ Biology provided invaluable opportunities to fill critical knowledge gaps during her first year, setting her up for success in interdisciplinary research.  Her first rotation was with Dr. Samuel Flaxman (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) and her second rotation was with Dr. Dave Beeman (Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering).  Her final rotation was with Dr. Dan Doak (Environmental Studies and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology), who now serves as her advisor.  In her research, Lisa strives to develop theory and methods to advance analysis of ecosystem structure and species interactions, with emphasis on quantifying how these things change through time.

Lisa earned a Directorate Resource Assistant Fellowship from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in 2017.  As a fellow, she spent the summer working with the agency, learning about environmental policy and conservation in practice. Lisa obtained a M.A. in EBIO and left the IQ Biology program in Spring 2018