Three-Dimensional Microscale Imaging and Measurement of Soft Material Contact Interfaces under Quasi-Static Normal Indentation and Shear

July 9, 2019

Understanding the contact and friction between soft materials is vital to a wide variety of engineering applications including soft sealants and medical devices such as catheters and stents. Although the mechanisms of friction between stiff materials have been extensively studied, the mechanisms of friction between soft materials are much less...

Kristin Calahan

World Congress of Biomechanics – Dublin, Ireland

Oct. 24, 2018

This summer, I had the opportunity to present my research at the 2018 World Congress of Biomechanics in Dublin, Ireland. As the premier meeting worldwide in the field of biomechanics, this was an incredible opportunity to network with scientists in this field, both within my subfield of biomechanics and far...