Kathryn Palma Wall
Student Alumni

I am currently studying the disordered C-terminal tails of tubulin. We are specifically interested in how the C-terminal tail interacts with its various binding partners, how its conformational ensemble is determined, and the role that post-translational modifications play in tubulin binding and larger-scale dynamics. Using biophysical techniques such as mass spectrometry and NMR, we are characterizing the extent of modifications on endogenous tubulin isolated from Tetrahymena thermophila. Furthermore, we have developed a technique that allows for the isotopic labeling of functional tubulin for NMR-based studies. IQ Biology has allowed me to develop my computational skills alongside my PhD. I have been able to analyze complex data from a variety of sources, bridging the gap between experimental and computational.

Kathryn did her lab rotations in Dr. Amy Palmer's lab in the department of Biochemistry, in Dr. Loren Hough's lab in the department of Physics and in Dr. Mark Borden's lab in the department of Mechanical Engineering. Kathryn joined the Biochemistry department in fall 2013 and Dr. Loren Hough and Dr. Deborah Wuttke were her advisors. Kathryn graduated in Fall 2018.


BS Biochemistry and Mathematics, Summa Cum Laude, University of Denver, 2012

Kathryn P. Wall, Maria Pagratis, Geoffrey Armstrong, Jeremy L. Balsbaugh, Eric Verbeke, Chad G. Pearson, and Loren E. Hough (2016). ACS Chemical Biology. DOI: 10.1021/acschembio.6b00507

NIH/ CU Biophysics Affiliate Award, 2014-2016

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program, Honorable Mention, 2014