Kaitlin McCreery
Student Alumni
Mechanical Engineering

Kaitlin received a BA degree from Duke University with a major in Physics and minor in Education, and is now pursuing her PhD in Mechanical Engineering. She completed three lab rotations under Dr. Mark Rentschler in Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Joel Kralj in the department of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, and Dr. Corey Neu in Mechanical Engineering. Her research focuses on developing technology for small-scale measurement of mechanics and biology in and between single cells. She joined the Neu Lab in May 2018.

I was able to do lab rotations in this non-traditional program and fill gaps in essential areas while I switched research fields. This allowed me to shape collaborative projects across departments and network outside of my primary field.

McCreery, K., Greenside, H. The Electric Field of a Uniformly Charged Cubic Shell. American Journal of Physics. 86(1), January 2018.

McCreery, K., Olson, M., and Teitsworth, S. (2017, March). Measurement of copper sulfide memory resistive structures. Poster presented at the American Physical Society March Meeting in New Orleans, LA