Jerome Fox
Assistant Professor
Chemical and Biological Engineering

Office: JSCBB D126


Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley (2012)
B.S., Johns Hopkins University (2007)

Research Interests

We develop new approaches to interrogate and engineer biochemical networks (natural and synthetic). We are particularly focused on the application of these approaches to problems in energy and human health.

My research program has three broad goals: (i) to develop physical and biochemical methods to study and control the activities of enzymes of metabolic relevance, (ii) to employ those methods to answer fundamental questions of cellular metabolism, human disease, and molecular recognition, and (iii) to apply those methods, and correspondingly evolved theories, to develop novel enzyme inhibitors and protein therapeutics, and to engineer biosynthetic pathways for the production of fuels and chemicals. My group employs concepts and techniques from physical chemistry, biochemistry, synthetic biology, optics, nanotechnology, and applied mathematics.